Guards! Guards!

THE NIGHT WATCH wasn't respected or well-staffed but it was all Vimes had to be Captain of. And in a town like Anhk-Morpork, where wizards worked any spells they pleased, the thieves and assassins belonged to well-established guilds. For Vimes it also meant turning to drink for solace while the two men under his command studiously avoided anyplace where a crime might actually be committed. But it didn't take long for this comfortable routine to be destroyed by the arrival of Carrot, a well over six-feet-tall dwarf determined to become the best guard Anhk-Morpork had ever seen, even if it meant arresting everyone in the city. Add to that an ambitious man's tampering with long-forbidden magic to call forth the biggest dragon imaginable. The ensuing chaos would see Vimes and his guards taking on everything from wild magic to a mad lady dragon breeder to the highest and lowest denizens of the palace itself....
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