The Defiant



  • Colonial Australia

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They boldly grasp for life beyond society's narrow confines:

Flanders Wilde: A woman who casts off the restraints of Victorian propriety to shock her male colleagues and love a desperate fugitive with a price on his head.

Lachlan McKenzie: A man who rejects his staid upbringing to become a dangerous outlaw; who tempts death time and again to be with the mother of his child.

Gil Tyler: A courageous dreamer who fights the brutal greed of rich landowners and risks his soul for the love of a passionate, innocent girl.

Louisa Wakefield: A sheltered young beauty whose romantic illusions are shattered when she pledges her heart to her father's most bitter enemy.

From the wilds of Queensland to the bustling port of Sydney stretches the saga of men and women who dared defy convention to pursue love and their dreams of a new world.
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