First Families



  • Colonial Australia


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An Irish convict and the daughter of an English peer vow to survive and triumph in a wild new land.

Lady Evelyn Gilleland: Beautiful daughter of an English aristocrat; bred for a life of elegance and privilege: unprepared for the peril of the remote Australian colony--and for a love which challenged her very destiny.

Gam Mater: Fiercely proud Irish patriot; condemned to a life of cruel labor for defending his dignity; determined to endure the bleak despair of the Australian penal system -- and inspired by a love which defied age-old barriers of nation and class.

Guiseppe Amato: Brilliant artist, capturing the exotic wildlife of the Australian continent with his paintings; capturing the heart of a woman whose past made her a lonely outcast.

Joy Freeman: A courageous woman, fighting the hypocrisy of Sydney's bourgeoisie,; righting her fear of the love that was hers e last.
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