Queen of Bones


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Set between Cubas twenty years apart, Havana native Teresa Dovalpage’s latest novel features an unusual detective—an ex-cop turned Santería priest and a familiar face from her critically acclaimed crime fiction debut, Death Comes in through the Kitchen
Padrino, a former detective on the Cuban police force, has retired and found a new, happy life as a Santería priest. But he is drawn back in for a murder investigation when his goddaughter, Rosita, who works at the local cemetery, recognizes one of the bodies that crosses her embalming table.
Meanwhile, an old flame of Rosita’s, Juan, has returned to Cuba after fleeing by raft twenty years ago. He is with his American wife, Sharon, and has come back to catch up with his old college circle—Victor, his estranged best friend, and unbeknownst to Sharon, his most serious ex-girlfriend, Elsa, with whom he never quite fell out of love.
When murder occurs within this group, it will cost Padrino more than he expects to untangle everyone’s lies and track down the killer.
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