Book List in Order: 40 titles

Complete Series List in Order

Coalton, Texas

1) Homecoming (Aug-2014)
2) Sanctuary (Oct-2014)
3) Reawakening (Dec-2014)
4) Destined (Nov-2015)
5) Irresistible (Dec-2015)

Four Seasons of Love

1) A Spring Affair (Mar-2015)
2) Sultry Summer Nights (Jun-2015)
3) Autumn Kisses (Sep-2015)
4) A Winter Rendezvous (Dec-2015)

In the Line of Love

1) Let Me Love You (May-2015)
2) Love's Taken Over (May-2015)

In the Line of Love: Fire & Rescue

1) Piece of My Love (Jul-2017)

The McAllister Friends

1) Dream Lover (Jun-2012)
2) Taking Chances (Mar-2013)
3) Always You (Jun-2013)

The McAllister Family

1) After the Storm (Oct-2013)
2) Just One Kiss (Jun-2014)
3) Perfection (Nov-2014)
4) Love After War (Feb-2015)
5) Just One Night (Sep-2015)
6) Just One Touch (Apr-2016)
7) Reckless Love (Oct-2016)

McAllister Security

1) Reckless Love (Oct-2016)
2) Dangerous Love (Sep-2017)
3) Vigilant Love (Oct-2018)
4) Resilient Love (Apr-2020)

The Nobles of Sweet Rapids

1) Noble Love (Jun-2016)
2) Noble Surrender (Jul-2016)
3) Noble Redemption (Nov-2016)
4) Noble Seduction (Jan-2017)
4.5) A Dash of Love (Sep-2017)

The Wild Knights

1) Falling for a Knight (May-2019)
2) Claimed by a Knight (Sep-2019)
3) Seduced by a Knight (Jun-2020)