• 19th Century


  • England


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Beautiful Madeleine Ardingley is shocked to learn that her beloved father is a liar and a cheat. The innocent, convent-educated girl is swept into the Parisian demi-monde and finds it not to her liking, though it appears to her cousin, Lord Janus Chilcote, that she is very much her father's daughter.

Two years later, Madeleine is forced to appeal to the charity of the family in England she barely knows. For Madeleine, Laycott Manor provided refuge from the taint of scandal she left behind in France. But the master of the grand English manor, is her cousin, Janus, and not even the luxury of Laycott Manor could disguise Janus's unpredictable behavior...

Her quiet dignity and gentle manners soon win their affections, and Janus, hungered for her, offered her marriage -- but Janus is as cynical as ever and turned her dream of rapture into a nightmare of jealousy and torment.

However, Madeleine is to discover that he is a truer friend than she had ever imagined... the shattering news of war in France... and Madeleine's obsession with the past -- a past darkly shadowed Janus's and Madeleine's new love....
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