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    4 Books
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    March 1996
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    February 2007
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  • Mia Veery wants her family to behave like the families she reads about. They would never include a mother who flies airplanes and trades one husband for another. Or older sisters who dress all in black and read French novels. Or a father who moves...

  • Wishing that she lived in the "normal" American family of her ideals, Mia frowns on all of the things that make her family members unique, until her parents' disappearance causes her to be sent to live in her aunt's small-town home. Reprint....

  • In 1999, Suzanne Freeman briefly passed away during surgery before returning to mortality. While in the spirit world, she was taken by the Savior to the Window of Life. In this heavenly window, she was shown scenes of future events and how they will ...

  • Suzanne Freeman's light-hearted look at the foibles of modern society offers a brittle examination of American consumerism's mad dash toward manufactured solutions to everyday problems. Her all-encompassing survey of middle-class values skewers short...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Suzanne Freeman has published 4 books.

Suzanne Freeman does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Omnibo, was published in February 2007.

The first book by Suzanne Freeman, Cuckoo's Child, was published in March 1996.

No. Suzanne Freeman does not write books in series.