Sign of the Dove

Lyf has always been pampered, ever since she caught vermilion fever and drank dragon's milk to cure it. The milk turned her eyes green -- a sure sign that she could speak with dragons. But being able to communicate with dragons is not a coveted gift, not when the Queens' forces are killing the dragons for their hearts and imprisoning all who try to stop them.

Now the last of the dragon eggs are hatching, and the dragons and draclings are in greater danger than ever before. Thier safety lies with a few dragon friends who bear the sign of the dove, like Lyf. But in order to save the dragons, Lyf will have to leave behind her life as a pampered child and accept a treacherous journey -- one she may not survive.

In this final chapter of The Dragon Chronicles, travel with Lyf to a land of wonder and magic, where dragons still live and where heroes are born.
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