The Barker Street Regulars


Every week Dog's Life columnist Holly Winter and her beloved Alaskan malamute, Rowdy, visit the Gateway Nursing Home to spread cheer among the senior residents. Yet shortly after meeting ninety-year-old Althea Battlefield and her two feisty cohorts all rabid Sherlock Holmes enthusiasts Holly and Rowdy find themselves involved in murder. Althea's grandnephew Jonathan has been found dead, his body dusted with cocaine and surrounded by the pawprints of a gigantic hound. The elderly Sherlockians enlist Holly, Rowdy, and Holly's other malamute, Kimi, to find a killer who's left only a trace of a scent behind. Was Jonathan involved in a drug deal gone bad? Is his death linked to Althea's sister's involvement with a sleazy animal psychic? Or to a singularly ugly cat Holly rescued from drowning? And is this the first...or even the last...murder in a case requiring both Holmesian deduction and canine instinct to solve?
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