Cold Paradise



  • Contemporary


  • Palm Beach, Florida


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Palm Beach is the most glamorous scene of the crime yet for cop-turned-investigator Stone Barrington, who becomes reacquainted with a case he thought was buried years ago - and must settle romantic entanglements that haunt him still....


Luxuriating in Palm Beach's winter warmth, Stone is stunned to recognize someone he thought was dead. Former client Allison Manning is alive and well - and suddenly very rich. Now she needs Stone's help in squaring a charge of insurance fraud that's been hanging over her head for years - and in getting rid of a recently acquired stalker. Suspects abound, including an elusive writer, an enigmatic businessman, and Allison's devious former husband. Only Stone can thwart the sly and greedy plan to steal the millions of dollars at stake - and the crafty killer behind it....
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