Prime Witness



  • Contemporary


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In the space of five days the rural college town of Davenport is rocked by four brutal murders: Two couples - undergraduates - their bodies are found tied and staked out on the banks of Putah Creek. Then two more bodies are discovered. This time the victims are Abbott Schofield, a distinguished member of the university faculty, and his former wife Karen.

The police suspect Andre Iganovich, a Russian immigrant and part-time security guard, but Paul Madriani, hot-shot Capitol City lawyer, thinks there is more to the case than meets the eye.

Forensic reports on the physical evidence suggest lingering questions about the Russian's invovement in the Schofield killings, and Paul becomes increasingly convinced that the second murders are the product of some copy-cat killer - a cold and calculating murderer who has taken the lives of the Schofields for reasons that Paul is determined to uncover...
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