The Stretch



  • Contemporary


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As a big player in the 90s London underworld, Terry Greene has always made a priority of 'taking care of business' personally. Preston Snow was out of line. So the up-close-and-personal visit was in no way out of character.
It was a messy hit. But the job was done.
More messy however, was the aftermath. Fingered by one of his own crew, Terry finds himself taking the fall and is put away for life. The only person he can trust in the entire world is his estranged wife, Sam. She must now take over the reins of his organisation, find the snitch and - in theory - get Terry off the hook. But after a shaky start, she quickly starts to get her own ideas . . .
'A master of the thriller genre'
Irish Times
'As tough as British thrillers get . . . gripping'
Irish Independent
'The sheer impetus of his story-telling is damned hard to resist'
Sunday Express
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