Heart of the Hills



  • 19th Century
  • American West


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Sixteen-year old Carrie Miller is heading west with the promise that she will soon return home to St. Louis -- and to the handsome, prosperous man who has proposed marriage...

Cheyenne, Wyoming Territory--1878
Carrie has come to act as midwife to her aunt, who lives in a remote part of the Wyoming Territory. Young and inexperienced, Carrie is a third generation midwife who has learned by assisting her mother. But now she is on her own, in a wilderness full of dangers, in a land of people driven by visions of gold yet barely clinging to survival. With medical help far beyond reach, Carrie is challenged beyond imagining -- to heal, to comfort, and to save lives. Never, in this forsaken place, did she expect to discover the true meaning of love...or to find a man who would fulfill all the dreams this new life awakened.
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