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    13 Books
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    April 1983
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    April 2009
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  • David Smith's life is shattered when his father leaves the family to move to Alaska with a young woman. David, whose goal was to prove that jocks are smart by getting into a good college, stops going to school, quits the school basketball team and lo...

  • Adjusting to a new life in the country with her sculptor father after living the high life with her jet-setting mother, a young girl deals with the difficulties of being a "pawn" between divorced parents....

  • In 1950, Eva and Sol Greenfield receive a telegram from the Department of the Army informing them that their son, Ben, in missing in action in Korea. The effect of the telegram is devastating. Eva, an orthodox Jewish woman, goes to a fortune teller i...

  • Having the name Asa Alfita Anderson is not easy for a young girl and only becomes more difficult when a mean-spirited boy suddenly joins the class, but with a name like Robert E. Lee, she does not feel he should be teasing anyone--and the battle begi...

  • Who says boys are the only ones allowed to have talents and use them? That's what Phoebe Anne Moses, or Annie, as she prefers to be called, would like to know. From the day Annie first picks up her father's rifle at age 8, it's clear she has a rather...

  • In the 1700s, women's responsibilities were primarily child rearing and household duties. But Deborah Sampson wanted more from life. She wanted to read, to travel--and to fight for her country's independence. When the colonies went to war with the Br...

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    A fictional portrait of Annie Oakley provides an informative look at the life of one of the country's greatest sharpshooters, covering her early years as a child and the time when she learned to fire her first musket in order to hunt for game to surv...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Sheila Solomon Klass has published 13 books.

Sheila Solomon Klass does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Soldier's Secret, was published in April 2009.

The first book by Sheila Solomon Klass, To See My Mother Dance, was published in April 1983.

No. Sheila Solomon Klass does not write books in series.