Mission: Irresistible



  • Contemporary


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THE AGENT: Brilliant, beguiling Alicia Corbin.

THE MISSION: Persuade brooding SPEAR operative East Kirby to return to the field as her partner.

THE SURPRISE MANEUVER: Things were going according to plan... until East invaded ALICIA's heart!

She was there to catch a traitor, and getting emotionally involved with stubborn, sexy East Kirby was not an option for Alicia. But she felt her resolve slipping when she discovered the reclusive loner was the soul mate she'd only dreamed existed. Now if only she could use the adrenaline rush that surged through her veins from East's electrifying kisses to make her mission a success -- and East a partner for life!

A YEAR OF LOVING DANGEROUSLY: Where passion rules and nothing's what it seems...
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