The Winning Element

Give me a...boom?!

With two successful missions under her belt, GiGi is finally feeling comfortable and confident with the Specialists. But then she learns about Eduardo Villaneuva, a notorious chemical smuggler currently at large. Not only is he a present danger, but he was responsible for the deaths of GiGi's parents. The government has been trying to track him down for years, and with GiGi's fierce determination (and TL's help), the Specialists are hired to capture him. And this time, GiGi's in charge of the mission. Only, she can't do this alone. She needs Beaker's chemistry expertise. But when their cover has to be cheerleaders at a national cheerleading competition, Goth-girl Beaker is not too pleased.

With personality conflicts, mission challenges, and the demanding schedule of the cheerleading competition, Beaker and GiGi find it difficult to focus on the task at hand. But with all that's at stake, can they put these issues aside and apprehend Eduardo, or will GiGi's opportunity to stop him be blown to bits?
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