Life rebuilding lesson one: purchase armour. When Ruth Burke discovers her husband is an unrepentant cheat, she faces a hard lesson in toughening up. Life rebuilding lesson two: think with head, not heart. Party girl no more, wife no more, Ruth's biggest challenge is to rediscover who she is. Along with three-year-old son Paddy, she embarks on rebuilding her life. But how can she carry on trusting her heart? Life rebuilding lesson three: bury head in sand. Surrounded by family (clairvoyant mother Kathleen, pregnant; long-lost father Gary, agenda-ridden) and friends (mad mother-of-four Tracy; cute single dad Kevin), she's finding it hard to see the wood from the trees. Enter Ferdia, new boss. They're the perfect match - logically speaking. And logic, after all, can't break your heart. Life rebuilding lesson four: when all else fails, surrender to the madness As the saying goes, shit happens. But sometimes, so does love ... Full Synopsis
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