• 19th Century
  • Regency


  • England


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A bewitching beauty is torn between the ghost of an old love and the temptation of a new one.


Mally came to her girlhood castle home in Wales to discover what should become of her as a woman.

With her was Sir Christopher Carlyon. who begged her to be his wife and whose passion was devilishly hard to deny.

Missing was her younger sister. who had vanished with--of all disreputable types of gentlemen--an American.

And making her feel both all-too-comfortable and increasingly uneasy was her extraordinarily charming host. Richard Vallender. who claimed to be Christopher's most loyal friend even as he drew closer and closer to Mally.

The questions of the heart and the seductive lies of love--twin puzzles for a young woman who found that all that was once so safe and familiar was now so menacing and strange....
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