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    10 Books - 1 Series
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    May 2010
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    February 2019
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Full Series List in Order


1 - The Eye of the Red Tsar (May-2010)
2 - Shadow Pass (Mar-2011)
3 - Archive 17 (Mar-2012)

Book List in Order: 10 titles

  • This riveting suspense debut introduces both a stellar new voice and a remarkable detective, an outsider who must use his extraordinary talents to solve the one case that may redeem him. Shortly after midnight on July 17, 1918, the imprisoned fami...

  • Pekkala: He was the Romanovs' most trusted investigator. Now he's Stalin's greatest fear. He operates in the shadows of one of history's most notorious regimes. He seeks the truth in a nation where finding it can mean death -- or worse. His name ...

  • It is 1939. The world stands on the brink of Armageddon. In the Soviet Union, years of revolution, fear and persecution have left the country unprepared to face the onslaught of Nazi Germany. For the coming battles, Stalin has placed his hopes on a 3...

  • Stalin's most trusted secret agent, the legendary Inspector Pekkala, is on his deadliest mission -- one that could save his country . . . or plunge it into the abyss. It is 1939. Russia teeters on the verge of war with Germany. It is also on the ...

  • As Hitler's forces smash into Soviet territory, annihilating the Red Army divisions in its path, a lone German scout plane is forced down. Contained within the briefcase of its passenger is the seemingly inconsequential painting of a hyalophoria c...

  • (Book). An American auto worker, disillusioned with the stubborn, stagnant inequality in America, moves his family to Russia. His letters home are glowing arias about Stalin's New Man in Soviet Paradise. Then, suddenly, the letters stop. Inspector Pe...

  • A big satisfying Stalin-era thriller from the master of the genre, the perfect read for fans of Phillip Kerr, Erik Larson or Robert Harris.

    The German Army begins to shatter before the advancing Soviet forces in 1944. Two Russian soldi...

  • April 1945 â€" Inspector Pekkala is in a race against time as he heads to Berlin to capture the plans for a secret weapon that could change the course of the war. “Excellently plotted and paced, with a lively cast, real and fictional.” â€" The Lo...

  • NEW BOOK from the author the bestselling INSPECTOR PEKKALA seriesThe year is 1949. In the bombed-out ruins of Cologne, Hanno Dasch is king. Director of the most successful black market operation in post-war Germany, Dasch has kept his clients supplie...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Sam Eastland has published 10 books.

Sam Eastland does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, The Elegant Lie, was published in February 2019.

The first book by Sam Eastland, The Eye of the Red Tsar, was published in May 2010.

Yes. Sam Eastland has 1 series.