Word of a Lady



  • 19th Century
  • Regency


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Ridlington Village inn doesn’t seem like the place for Fate to linger and meddle in the affairs of mortals. Letitia Ridlington certainly doesn’t think so; she’s there to meet a publisher who has expressed interest in her first—rather scandalous—novel. But before she can sign the contract, she encounters a lady in distress, and by lunchtime she has an almost complete promise of publication, along with a new maid, Harriet Selkirk. Sir James FitzArden patiently accepts his growing affection for Letitia, but feels no rush to declare himself. Until the revelations within a certain manuscript open his eyes to surprises hidden beneath her demure façade. It’s time for him to claim her, and he begins his campaign, but the lady herself has a very strong will, along with ideas that don’t exactly match his. Nobody seems to notice that others are also keeping a close eye on Letitia and her new companion. An importunate duck will offer his opinions, some shocking interludes will raise more than a few genteel eyebrows, and there will be flirtatious stable hands, as well as an outrageous suggestion or two. Letitia is about to lead James into a frustrating dance, and it isn’t the quadrille...
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