One Knight Only



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Thaddeus Fisher is fascinated with the past; a good thing for an antiques dealer. He's a little irritated to find his latest acquisitions contact, A.J. Ashford, working a Renaissance Faire, but all things considered, a day spent in the company of revelers, buxom wenches and jousting knights isn't all bad. Then he meets A.J.—and to his surprise, she's very familiar. A blonde elf he recalls very clearly from Junior High who is now a voluptuous blonde elf…all grown up and then some.

Audrina Ashford considers herself a master strategist. She's accomplished a near-miracle and brought Tad Fisher back into her orbit, for retribution and closure. After all, he burned her favorite CD in school. And worse than that? He never knew she had a fierce crush on him. Now she's part of the Renaissance Faire performances and today Tad is watching her, ready to fall into her coils. What can possibly go wrong?

As it turns out, everything! Recruited into the joust after a freak accident, Tad finds himself promoted to a squire in the blink of an eye and bargains with Drina for a night together in repayment. She agrees and the stage is set for drama, heartbreak, courageous knights and the best mind-blowing sex either of them could ever imagine in their wildest dreams. There's just one question to be answered…will it be for One Knight Only?
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