Lady Adalyn


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A birthday, a marriage and a funeral--twenty-year-old Adalyn has experienced them all in the space of a fortnight. The widowed Lady Wilkerson is lost, homeless and helpless as she stands next to her late husband's grave, until an elegant gentleman introduces himself as her new butler, takes her to Wolfbridge Manor--and her life changes forever.
She finds herself mistress of a tidy estate, run by the most amazing men she's ever set eyes on. Their attentions teach her about loyalty, affection, caring and devotion, and stimulate the dawning of her sensuality.
Unfortunately, not even her skilled and loving gentlemen can keep trouble from the door, and Adalyn is going to need all the courage she possesses to protect Wolfbridge and its residents. But protect them she will, if it takes every ounce of her strength. Others might have hesitated, but the men of Wolfbridge have taught her well - she isn't just a mere cypher in a bonnet, she is their Lady Adalyn.
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