Knights of Pleasure

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Susannah McGill's nickname is Slash, and it fits - both her upfront and sharp personality, and her job as owner of a Northern Virginia private detective agency. But it's as Susannah that she ends up standing in front of the Maryland Renaissance Faire. And it's as Susannah that she gathers her long skirts, straightens her corsets and walks into the adventure of a lifetime.

Logan Kent has noticed his neighbor in Virginia. Ms McGill's sexy stride across their shared parking lot is hard to miss. So he's overjoyed to find her, in all her medieval glory, sitting at one of the open-air theaters. His best friend Tyler Adams is at his side - and the two men are hunting ... seeing if their visit to the Renn Fest might produce a lady willing to play. With the two of them.

Tyler and Logan enjoy sharing a woman. It's a long-time pleasure, one they've perfected over the years. Stumbling into Susannah is a serendipitous accident of fate, maybe, but it's also an unexpected delight for Logan. She's hesitant at first, but their seductive wiles lure her into their charm. They're honest when they finally ask her to join them, and she respects that. Even though it's way out there on the scale of things she's ever been asked before, Susannah knows - deep inside - she's going to say yes.

After all, it's not every day a girl gets asked to spend the night with two handsome Knights. And offered twice the pleasure...
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