By Shadows Bound



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While not a direct sequel, this book is connected to Flame of Shadows.

Succumbing to a dangerously seductive redhead at a European estate, Sir Nicholas Blaine's lust leads him into a pit of horror as he becomes a creature of darkness -- a vampire. Mired in despair, Nick stumbles through the English countryside toward thoughts of death. Until he finds himself in the middle of some nocturnal goings-on that surprise even him…Verity Chandler is as much two people as is Nick Blaine. Her masquerade is leading her on a dangerous path that could well kill her, unless she accepts the aid of a man she thought long dead. She finds him arousing, enticing and the answer to her every hidden desire…even if his existence is a mystery to her.The highwaymen Verity commands are princes compared to her decadent aristocratic employers however, and Nick must make a decision on her behalf that will change them both for eternity. But he cannot guess whether Verity will forgive him for making it. Or if the passion they share will make her strong enough to join him in the fight against the ultimate evil -- Thérèse.

Reader Advisory: This book contains brief scenes of male/male and female/female sexual activity.
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