At Cross Purposes

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For Research Purposes Only
He's rich, handsome and at the top of his game. Unfortunately for Jack Foster, the "game" is played in the world of adult movies and he's tired of it. Awards, fame3/4where he's better known as "Big John Johnson" and the cachet of being the most respected producer in his field have come to mean little to Jack, who prepares himself to suffer through yet another endless promotional appearance filled with plastic-enhanced women and meaningless conversation. When he meets Daphne Littlewood, however, he's in for a surprise. Daphne has an almost-completed thesis in her bag and research questions in her head. She doesn't know Jack, in the literal or figurative sense. She's simply dropping by this uncomfortably sexual establishment to find out about the current level of adult material available to the public. An interested helping hand from the handsome man in the adult video store starts one which takes her out of her everyday life and into places Daphne on a journey she'd never imagined. Some of her questions are answered, but still more are posed. She is going to have to decide if her passion for this man is genuine, or whether going to bed with Jack is "For Research Purposes Only..".

At Cross Purposes Book 2 in the All Night Videos series.
She's blonde, beautiful and possessed of a body that won't quit. The name "Bambi" fits with her undercover assignment in an adult video store. Clearly her real name - Detective Barbara Fremont - won't get her very far in her bootleg DVD investigation. Especially when she decides to check out that suspiciously good-looking guy behind the register... Inspector Lou Franconi watches the blonde hooker with more than professional interest. Her smile puts a twist in his boxers in spite of her choice of occupation. If he wasn't working undercover as a temporary adult video store manager while pursuing a bootleg DVD investigation... A typical failure to communicate forces Lou and Barbara into an uneasy collaboration as they pursue their case through the very public sexual world of porn. And the very private sexual world their association creates between the two of them. It's not long before they realize they may not be working at cross purposes after al

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