Apartment 6C


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Adam Burns was once a Master, a Dominant who trained others in their chosen lifestyle. But marriage to the love of his life changed things, and he put aside his world of pain and pleasure. Laura, a high powered lawyer, was forced to step into her father’s shoes and slowly became swallowed up by the world of law and corporate business. Something had to break, and she’s now very afraid that snapping noise might be the bonds of her marriage.
So her discovery that her husband has a “secret” online life as a Dominant advice columnist takes her aback, and sets her thinking. A friend’s funeral seals the deal and Laura makes a choice, one that her husband will welcome with open arms. She asks him to teach her, to show her how to be a submissive. She asks him to be her Master.
Adam is surprised, overwhelmed and overjoyed. But even he doesn’t realize how intense the domination experience can be when you’re rediscovering that you’re madly in love with your submissive…
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