An Unkindness of Ravens


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Dreams. Renny Piccione had dreams - not the usual ones, but erotic ones that left her aching with desire for the man who haunted them, the perfect lover she knew only as Raven. Dreams so real she doubted her sanity as, night after night, he called her to him with a summons she couldn't have refused even if she'd wanted to. Exhausted and afraid, Renny sought help, hoping to find answers from a psychologist who specialized in the study of dreams. Perhaps those answers would help to ease this painful need for a man who didn't exist.
Dr. Greydon Corvo knew who she was, of course. He'd awaited her arrival for longer than he could recall. She was more than his sexual desires made flesh - she was his destiny. Grey had dreams too, dreams in which Renny offered him a passion unlike any he could have imagined. They were on path destined for them by events beyond their control, fueled by the heat of their need for each other - a sensual and passionate course steered by the hand of time.
And watched over by Grey's feathered companion - Jakob - the raven...
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