A Kink in Her Tails

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Four sets of lovers, four different stories.

On the fourth floor of a quiet apartment building, Fate, in the guise of a handsome man, is about to deliver an unusual item to an unsuspecting woman.

Upstairs in 6C, a married couple is in a rut - it seems they both need a good kick to get out of it. Or is there some other form of punishment that would do the trick?

In her seventh floor studio, a divorced photographer has to learn that age is strictly a calendar thing. Her teacher is younger, harder, and more determined than she could ever imagine.

And in the penthouse, a lonely man with the world at his fingertips has nothing but memories of passionate games once played. Can he recapture what he lost so long ago? And at what price?

These four tales share a twist, a sting of passion, a spicy flavor all their own. And it's not vanilla...
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Romance ebooks from eBooks.com