The Westerley books are my first novels. I did write two technical books, but they weren't nearly as much fun.

After a lifetime of reading general fiction, I discovered romance at age 59, and fell in love with it. Now I fill my time reading and writing romance novels.

Also, I never drank whiskey before. But since I wrote characters who drink it, I became curious. Now it’s my favorite drink.

Life in Northern California is full of surprises, including these romance novels. I have been happily married for thirty years, and we have raised two wonderful children. I honestly wouldn't trade places with anyone else, living or dead, real or imagined.

Book List in Order: 5 titles

  • Why was I playing con games again? I'd stopped doing that years ago and lived an honest life in New York City. Now suddenly I was swindling Alejandro, the sexy rocker who had topped charts for a decade. I was a huge fan, in love with his music and hi...

  • I've been in love with the Fiery Boys for ten years now, so I was incredibly excited when they announced a reunion tour. Their music meant more to me than most people realized—it had literally saved my life. Back before they broke up, most people ...

  • For ten years, Constance Westerley has been having a recurring dream about a mouth-wateringly handsome man with a dragon tattoo on his chest. Some of her dreams are quite erotic. Her girlfriends, a group of spiritual adventurers who call themselv...

  • "Oh, what a world! What a world! Who would have thought a good little girl like you could destroy my beautiful wickedness?" --Wicked Witch of the West What do you get when you combine a surfing billionaire, a globe-trotting businesswoman, and ...

  • Kay Samson is fresh out of business school and has a job as a junior executive-or so she thinks. But the job turns out to be something else: a bizarre game of erotic high-finance business deals. Although it starts off innocently, with just a little t...

Complete Series List in Order


1) The Fiery Boys (Jul-2016)
2) Rock Con Roll (Apr-2017)


1) Executive Sweet (May-2013)
2) I'll Get You My Pretty (Jul-2014)
3) Seductive Synchronicity (Jan-2015)