Piercing the Veil ~~ Ruth Davidson

Piercing the Veil by Ruth Davidson

Piercing the Veil allows the reader to glimpse beyond the veil of mortal reality and into the unseen spiritual realm all around us filled with angels and demons waring for the souls of men. The reader is challenged as an actual participant in an epic story to grow as a warrior in Faith who becomes wise to the tactics of the enemy.

Ben Stockton gets his first glimpse of the spiritual realm when he discovers an ancient mirror in his grandfather’s attic. This supernatural mirror becomes more than Ben’s friend and effectively guides Ben as he pierces the veil of reality to travel through time back to the time of Jesus Christ.

In this epic light hearted odyssey, Ben learns to engage in spiritual warfare, to act and take risks based only on faith, and to comprehend the importance of relationships, particularly relationships with God. Whether you are a ten year old or a grandparent, or somewhere in between, this book is for you. You will participate in the adventure right alongside Ben, and you will be constantly reminded of both the holiness and the playfulness of the character of God. Together, you as well as Ben Stockton will participate in the power of the Bible and in uncovering its basic precepts as a child of God.
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