Anything You Can Do...



  • Contemporary


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'I contend that today's man could handle the rigors of pioneer life. Could a woman? -- Nolan Campbell.

'You bet! Anything he can do, she can do, too! -- Emily Benton.

'And probably better ! -- Sherry Campbell.

There's only one way to find out. Nolan Campbell (known as Camp) recruits a group of women to reenact the kind of wagon train journey made by settlers of the 1820s. These women include his sharp-tongued sister, Sherry - and Emily Benton. Emily with her fragile beauty, her delightful laugh, her two impossible children. Emily, who's as determined and capable as any pioneer.

Surrounded by big horses and smart women, Camp discovers that wagon train life, 1990s-style, isn't what he expected. Sometimes it's fun (not to mention funny) and sometimes it's frightening. Kind of like falling in love. With Emily...
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