Book List in Order: 31 titles

Complete Series List in Order

Rune Sword

2) Skryling's Blade (Oct-1990)
6) The Stone of Time (Mar-1992)

Saga of the Lost Land

1) Blood of the Tiger (1987)
2) Brother to the Lion (1988)
3) Spirit of the Hawk (1988)

Multi-Author Series List

Endless Quest

1) Dungeon of Dread (1983)
2) Mountain of Mirrors (Jan-1982)
3) Pillars of Pentegarn (Mar-1983)
4) Return to Brookmere (Jan-1982)
5) Revolt of the Dwarves (1983)
6) Revenge of the Rainbow Dragons (Feb-1983)
7) Hero of Washington Square (May-1983)
10) Circus of Fear (Aug-1983)
13) Dragon of Doom (1983)

Find Your Fate

2) Indiana Jones and the Lost Treasure of Sheba (May-1984)

Find Your Fate Mystery

The Three Investigators In The Case of the Dancing Dinosaur (Apr-1985)

Find Your Fate Thriller

The Trail of Death (Sep-1985)
The Mystery of the Turkish Tattoo (Apr-1986)

Greyhawk Adventures

3) Master Wolf (Mar-1987)
4) The Price of Power (Aug-1987)
5) The Demon Hand (Feb-1988)
6) The Name of the Game (Jun-1988)
7) The Eyes Have It (Sep-1989)

Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones and the Lost Treasure of Sheba (May-1984)