Falcon on the Tower ~~ Ron Clark Ball

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Falcon on the Tower by Ron Clark Ball
At the center of a nearly insolvent Dubai, the 900-meter Falcon Tower, the world's tallest building, is near completion, and the unpaid indigent laborers who toiled on its construction will soon have nowhere to go. Or will they? Their despair fueled and turned into hatred by a mysterious mullah, they will become martyrs in the name of Islam. Following a wave of horrific suicide bombings in the U.S. and U.K., Navy Captain Bryan Craig heads up Pegasus, a London based counter-terrorism posse tasked with hunting the vicious faction responsible. Guided by an emboldened nemesis, the brazen extremists are bent on the destruction of the West, and the goal of creating a 21st century Islamic caliphate. Using financial tracking, and the most advanced crime lab in the world, Bryan and Shannon Parker, a brilliant terrorist profiler, and beautiful muse, embark on a perilous journey from London to Dubai, and finally the Hindu Kush mountains of Pakistan, a region tormented by the Taliban, thugs vying for control of the world's only Islamic nuclear arsenal. What will be the fate of the West as the new Islamic expansion unfolds? Along the way, Bryan retraces footsteps of the old British Empire, discovering clues to what new terror may be planned, leading to a climatic, and very chilling ending. FALCON ON THE TOWER is insightful and thought provoking, an eye opening look at a conflict that has lasted 14 centuries. Full Synopsis
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