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    September 1983
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    February 2014
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  • The deep forest and broad savannah, the campsites, kraals, and villages -- from this immense area south of the Sahara Desert the distinguished American folklorist Roger D. Abrahams has selected ninety-five tales that suggest both the diversity and th...

  • Full of life, wisdom, and humor, these tales range from the earthy comedy of tricksters to accounts of how the world was created and got to be the way it is to moral fables that tell of encounters between masters and slaves. They include stories set ...

  • Eeny, meeny, figgledy, fig. Delia, dolia, dominig, Ozy, pozy doma-nozy, Tee, tau, tut, Uggeldy, buggedy, boo! Out goes you. (no. 129)

    You can stand, And you can sit, But, if you play, You must be it. (no. 577)


  • "I had a little brother.His name was Tiny Tim.I put him in the bathtubTo teach him how to swim.He drank all the water.He ate all the soap.He died last nightWith a bubble in his throat.Jump-rope rhymes, chanted to maintain the rhythm of the game, have...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Roger D. Abrahams has published 5 books.

Roger D. Abrahams does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Jump-rope Rhymes, was published in February 2014.

The first book by Roger D. Abrahams, African Folktales, was published in September 1983.

No. Roger D. Abrahams does not write books in series.