Verdria's Heart



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Verdria McKenna's well-ordered life is in chaos. Her psychotic ex-boyfriend won't stop stalking her. Visiting a friend in Lush Valley, Tennessee, a town with old-fashioned values but modern mentality, seemed like the answer to her problems. That is until she met the Crawford brothers. These overbearing and overprotective men can make her body tremble and heart race with a simple touch. Can she escape the clutches of one deceptively controlling man while overcoming her fears and trusting two cowboys with her heart and soul? Identical twins Ryker and Owen Crawford were losing hope in finding a wife to share. That is until they meet Verdria. Their protective instincts are set to overdrive when her unstable ex threatens her well-being. What happens when stubborn wills and domineering personalities collide? Will these men be able to break through Verdria's defenses and win her over, heart, body, and soul? Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.
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