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    May 2000
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    July 2009
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  • Thirteen-year-old Jackie Monterey wants to write a novel the summer before he starts high school. There's just one problem -- he can't get past the first sentence. His friends are no help. When Nick isn't combing his hair or dealing with his fear of ...

  • Four-year-old Lula McLean lived on a plantation overlooking Bull Run Creek. There her family grew wheat, corn, and oats. In July 1861, troops fighting in the newly begun Civil War arrived on the McLeans’ front lawn in Manassas, Virginia. The peacef...

  • Other Books By Robin Friedman:The Silent Witness: A True Story of the Civil War"Lula's experiences are the basis for this thoughtful tale. The delicate, detailed illustrations convey the experience of living in a civil war with haunting power."-The N...

  • Former heartbreaker Chip Ackerman is eighteen years old, super-sexy, and in love for the first time. But Chip must part with Cassandra Schreiber, the girl he loves, and the beauty of the Catskills, the place he calls home.Forced to return to the crow...

  • On the outside, Reed is the high school hottie, but on the inside, he's still the clueless dork with braces and thick glasses who has never been kissed. Reed simply doesn't know how to talk with girls, and it's up to the Internet to get him up to spe...

  • The most popular guy at his high school, 17-year-old Parker Rabinowitz is wealthy, smart, and drop-dead handsome. He's a sure thing for YHP (Yale, Harvard, or Princeton) according to his college consultant, whom Parker has worked with since he was 14...

  • An Israeli immigrant's journey to become a "real" American.

    With their mother caring for relatives in Israel and their father driving a cab all hours of the day, Roxanne and her sister, Gayle, spend a lot of time watching television reruns of ...

Award-Winning Books by Robin Friedman

The Importance of Wings
2010 Sydney Taylor Book Award -- Older Readers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Robin Friedman has published 7 books.

Robin Friedman does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, The Importance of Wings, was published in July 2009.

The first book by Robin Friedman, How I Survived My Summer Vacation: And Lived to Write the Story, was published in May 2000.

No. Robin Friedman does not write books in series.