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    6 Books (1 Series)
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    July 2002
  • Latest Book:
    January 2008
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Full Series List in Order

Chronicles of Blood and Stone

1 - The Fifth Sorceress (Jul-2002)
2 - The Gates of Dawn (Jul-2003)
3 - The Scrolls of the Ancients (Jun-2004)
4 - Savage Messiah (Dec-2005)
5 - A March into Darkness (Feb-2007)
6 - The Rise of the Blood Royal (Jan-2008)

Book List in Order: 6 titles

  • Three centuries ago, the unspeakable ravages of a devastating war nearly tore apart the kingdom of Eutracia. Those who masterminded the bloodshed--a coven of powerful, conquest-hungry Sorceresses--were sentenced to exile, with return all but impossib...

  • Now, for all those spellbound by the tale of Prince Tristan and the fate of his enchanted land, there is much more to be told. . . . The royal palace of Eutracia lies in ruins, and Prince Tristan--forced by the Sorceresses of Coven to murder his o...

  • “Plenty of adventure and magic . . . continues Robert Newcomb’s tradition of mixing adventure with an interesting and well-realized magical world.” -- SF SitePrince Tristan and his twin sister, Shailiha, are the Chosen Ones, prophesied to unite...

  • With the demise of his evil half brother, Wulfgar, Prince Tristan restored peace to Eutracia . . . or so he thought. But the Orb of the Vigors was damaged in the climactic battle, and now the powerful artifact is bleeding magical energy and cutting a...

  • The defeat and death of the evil Wulfgar should inspire a time of rejoicing throughout Eutracia. But Prince Tristan grieves. Not only is his beloved wife dead, but across the Sea of Whispers, in the island fortress known as the Citadel, Wulfgar's bri...

  • The long-awaited moment is here, as Robert Newcomb brings his epic trilogy, The Destinies of Blood and Stone, to a triumphant close. Old questions will receive unexpected answers. Ancient prophecies will come to pass. New wonders and horrors will be ...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Robert Newcomb has published 6 books.

Robert Newcomb does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, The Rise of the Blood Royal, was published in January 2008.

The first book by Robert Newcomb, The Fifth Sorceress, was published in July 2002.

Yes. Robert Newcomb has 1 series.