The Jury Master



  • Contemporary


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In a courtroom, defense attorney Davy Sloane is a master manipulator who can grab a jury and make it dance. He enjoys a wildly successful career limited only by his conscience -- until he gets a phone call from a total stranger, Joe Branick, special assistant to the president of the United States. Just hours later Branick kills himself. And his death propels Sloane into a murderous whirlwind that will shatter lives from San Francisco to Washington, D.C. Yet Sloane needs to know more. About Branick. About others who are in as much danger as he is. And about the president and his men. But in the face of a secret that spans decades and governments, and puts billions of dollars at risk, there's one thing David Sloane can't possibly envision.

This runaway conspiracy is all about him -- and only he can stop it.
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