The Junkyard Dog



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Chicago is Jimmy Flannery's kind of town. A tough Irishman with street smarts, he's part of a political machine that runs on favors and friendships. Flannery's particular piece of the patronage pie is the 27th Ward, and anything that happens there is his business. Even murder.

So when an antiabortion demonstration ends with a bomb blast that kills a pretty young girl and an old woman, Flannery takes it personally. But someone's stonewalling the investigation, and Flannery's starting to wonder if the bombing was political, or a cover-up for murder. Something smells rotten--from the Gold Coast to the South Side. And when the killer goes after Flannery's lady love, Flannery doesn't just get mad-- he gets as mean as a junkyard dog --on the scent of dirty politics mixed with passion and revenge, a very deadly combination....
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