Sauce for the Goose



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Jimmy Flannery is as Chicago as the Cubs. He's a streetwise city sewer inspector, the Twenty-seventh Ward Democratic committeeman, and an amateur detective. He's also happily married and a new dad. Mary, his wife, suggests he improve himself by taking a couple of night classes: English for his grammar and political science because he lives and breathes it. His poli-sci teacher is a savvy power-broking lawyer named Vollmer, and one of the students is an aging Mob enforcer who sleeps through every class. When a classmate dies in a mugging, and Vollmer disappears, Jimmy--never slow on the uptake--smells a connected rat. He plumbs his street-corner cronies and his city-hall pals for answers. With a little knowledge, a little intuition, and a lot of Chicago common sense, Jimmy pieces together a scenario that involves greedy relatives and two trust funds, the mismanagement of which could put the political balance of the Windy City at stake.
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