Malloy's Subway


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Millions of people crowd the New York City subways. Today one of them will die. And then another, and another. A killer is loose beneath the streets of Manhattan.

Martin Malloy lives beneath the streets. An NYPD cop until he gets four bullets in his gut, he prowls the transit beat now, day and night, trying to exorcise his demons. Other people live there too, in the steam tunnels the city’s losers---except one of them has decided to be a loser no longer, today he will make sure no one ignores him---ever again.

A sweet-looking boy with a constant roar in his head, he is about to quietly slip a knife into someone sitting next to him. No one around him will ever know. Until he is on his way to his next victim. . . .

And so begins a journey into fear for the city above and Malloy below, one that will take him into a world rarely glimpsed. A subterranean universe of tunnel-dwellers, and shadows. A world where he---and the reader---will finally come face to face not only with the killer ---but with our deepest nightmares.

A powerful, shocking, extraordinary story by a masterful suspense writer.

Once boarded there is no getting of Malloy’s Subway.
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