Alice in La-La Land



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In La-La Land, murder is an art - perfected in the neon night. She walked through the twilight glare, beautiful, redheaded, rich - and scared. She was prowling L.A.'s tenderloin search of Whistler, only to find him sitting in his favorite coffee shop, watching the freak parade. He was a private eye, not a bodyguard. But Nell Twelvetrees had a body worth guarding and a proposition he couldn't refuse; she's convinced her soon-to-be ex-husband is out to have her killed.

Roger Twelvetrees, the witty, smiling TV talk-show host known to America as "Mr. Midnight," is better known in La-La Land as a sugar daddy with a violent streak. but as Nell and Whistler sink deeper into the heart of L.A.'s darkness, Alice appears. Alice, true and noble-hearted ... Alice, child of a nightmare world ... Alice, out to settle an old score in the vicious streets of La-La Land.
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