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    3 Books
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    May 1993
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    December 1995
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  • Ken MacKay's career in space was going nowhere. The decrepit trading ship he served on was also going nowhere: the Rustam's Slipper was grounded on Schuyler's World, a backwater planet lacking even a good bar. For diversion, Schuyler's offered bad ba...

  • Six years after Lt.-Colonel Anton Vereshcagin's 1st Battalion, 35th Imperial Infantry Regiment (Rifle) quelled the revolt that marooned it on Suid-Africa, another fleet appears in the skies: Earth has not forgtten Suid-Afrika, nor has the Japanese co...

  • Solely because of his brilliant leadership and daring tactical skills, renegade Lieutenant-Colonel Anton Vereshchagin has been lured out of retirement by a representative of His Imperial Majesty's Japanese government -- the same government Vereshchag...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Robert A. Frezza has published 3 books.

Robert A. Frezza does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Cain's Land, was published in December 1995.

The first book by Robert A. Frezza, McLendon's Syndrome, was published in May 1993.

No. Robert A. Frezza does not write books in series.