Playing Hooky



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An insane witch, a missing siren, a murderous love potion ... Who knew playing a little hooky could be so dangerous?
Best friends with benefits? Jason is all for it, but Emma has a million reasons why it would never work. They're both too stubborn, and life has taken them down different roads. She's got college. He's got his wild adventures ... and his secrets.
Determined to change her mind, desperate to bring her into his world, Jason surprises Emma with tickets to a place she'll never forget: a Paranormal Circus full of misfits and monsters, a world where magic is real, unicorns have vicious tempers, and swamp hags and manticore, elves and faeries all fear the Ring Master.
But when they discover an empty cage, their search for the missing siren takes them through the paranormal underbelly of Anchorage, only to discover that failing to rescue the creature could rip them apart forever. Emma must sacrifice everything to protect Jason from an evil spell.
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