Leucas by Richard R. Blackston
There are demons of the deep with a hunger that cannot be sated. Evolution has played its role, as has environment. Mankind has contributed, and now Carcharhinus Leucas hunts. Unwary swimmers and boaters, who chance the seas of Ecstasy Shores, Florida, soon become its victims. Danny Ray has a past he would rather forget, and now resides on his luxury yacht docked in the port of Ecstasy Shores. His ship is about to launch on a summer voyage with a group of young students. Danny wasn't looking for love, but love comes nonetheless, and with it a price: Danny's past has come back to haunt him. Just when Danny finally faces his own demons, something comes in with the tide. Everyone at Ecstasy Shores is in the grip of a dark cloud blowing in from the sea that brings with it a monster storm; a storm that unleashes its own monsters of the deep that come in a gigantic size. Leucas has arrived Taking his inspiration from Peter Benchley's Jaws, author Richard R. Blackston has updated the classic novel with his own twists and turns. He lives in Michigan and is working on several upcoming books. Publisher's website: Full Synopsis
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    May-2010 (Hardcover)
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