Book List in Order: 3 titles

  • After fleeing the planet Paradis and discovering that many of their ships were no longer capable of deep space travel, the Colonials were forced to hold a lottery to decide who in the fleet would live and who would have to stay behind and die. Apollo...

  • When the dying sun of Paradis dramatically begins its contraction phase, a two year stay by the Galacticans and the colonials on what appears to be the perfect planet for rebuilding their civilization comes to an abrupt end—the planet's inhabit...

  • Have the Galacticans truly found their "paradise" among the stars? Apollo thinks so, as they journey to a mysterious planet called Gemon, located through spatial coordinates vividly imprinted in Apollo's mind. Will the fleet stay and make this inviti...

Multi-Author Series List

Battlestar Galactica

Paradis (Jul-2003)
Destiny (Jun-2004)
Redemption (Oct-2005)


5) Paradis (Jul-2003)
6) Destiny (Jun-2004)
7) Redemption (Oct-2005)