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    Elminster has been murdered. Now, Midnight and Adon, who saved the Dales from the evil god Bane in the Battle of Shadowdale, have been sentenced to death for the murder. But chaos has taken hold of nature and magic since the gods were exiled from ...

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    Who will be the new gods? The God of Strife is dead, destroyed in his attack on Tantras, and Midnight and her allies have recovered the first Tablet of Fate--one of a pair of artifacts that will return the gods to their former glory and save the R...

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    The gods walk the Realms. Banished from the heavens, they now roam the world, from Tantras to far-off Waterdeep, seeking to regain their full powers. Malevolent Bane, power-hungry Mystra, and Helm, guardian of the heavens, all know the lost Tablet...

Complete Series List in Order

The Avatar Trilogy

1) Shadowdale (Jun-1989)
2) Tantras (Aug-1989)
3) Waterdeep (Aug-1989)

Multi-Author Series List

Forgotten Realms

Shadowdale (Jun-1989)
Tantras (Aug-1989)
Waterdeep (Aug-1989)