Timeless Light


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In the 6th century, Sir Bors died valiantly in service to King Arthur, but death was only the beginning...

Nadine Amari has been waiting for Sir Bors to wake from his mystical, protected slumber for what feels like an eternity. Her family made the knight a promise centuries past, but when ancient, evil spies creep into the modern world she must do more than sit back and watch him sleep.

When at last Sir Bors returns to life, he finds himself not in the desert where he died, but at the edge of an unfamiliar ocean. He's been pulled into the 21st century by the siren's call of a powerful key that, in the wrong hands, will change the fabric of reality.

With Nadine as his guide, Bors will navigate a world he does not understand to battle a mad priestess bent on turning back time itself. He must trust Nadine with the fate of humanity - will he take the bigger risk and trust her with his heart and soul, as well?

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