The Family Way



  • Contemporary


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A pregnant woman without a husband. A family without a father. And a mysterious stranger who wants to be both....

She's the pregnant mother of two children. She's also a recent widow, still mourning the death of her husband, who died before she even knew about the pregnancy. AND she's trying to manage a failing resort in Nevada. Despite all this, Wendy Sloan is coping... sort of.

When a handsome stranger named Josh Walker appears one day, looking for a job, Wendy figures he's too good to be true. Reluctantly, she lets him stay. In no time, her kids are crazy about him and he's fixing up the place, just as he promised. And Wendy... Wendy's attracted to him. Very attracted. She doesn't WANT to be, but she is.

As it turns out, both of her contradictory reactions to Josh are right. No, he's not what he seems to be, not exactly. And yes, he's a man worth loving. A man who can bring wholeness and happiness back into her family's life. A man who wants to be a father to her children... all three of them.
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