Raymond E. Feist; Janny Wurts

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    The Empire Trilogy - 3

    The world on the other side of the Rift: Kelewan, a land seething with political intrigue and deadly conspiracies. Following the opulent panoply of Daughter of the Empire--and the dazzling pageantry of Servant of the Empire comes the resounding concl...

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    The Empire Trilogy - 2

    Kelewan: the world on the far side of the magical rift where Tsurani court intrigue is as legendary as it is deadly. In Daughter of the Empire the inexperienced Mara of the Acoma is thrust into this realm of vicious political machinations with no all...

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    The Empire Trilogy - 1

    Magic and murder engulf the realm of Kelewan. Fierce warlords ignite a bitter blood feud to enslave the empire of Tsuranuanni. While in the opulent Imperial courts, assassins and spymasters plot cunning and devious intrigues against the rightful heir...

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